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Recent partnership may raise more questions than provide answers.   If you follow the marketing and advertising technology (Madtech) and public relations space, you might have read about […]

The Best Way To Prepare For Artificial Intelligence In Public Relations

With today’s consumer AI tools at your fingertips, it may feel like you don’t need a computer science degree to understand how artificial intelligence will bring value to the communications process.

Earned Media Rising Podcast With Cision CMO, Chris Lynch

Cision® CMO, Chris Lynch, sat down with Steve Barrett, editorial director of PRWeek for the inaugural podcast of Earned Media Rising.

How to Effectively Communicate Your Rebrand

Rebranding is a delicate task for brands who have a loyal customer following. Using Cision's rebrand as a backdrop, here's how PR pros can tell their best rebranding story.

Borrowing Trust: The Surprising New Marketing Role of Citizen Influencers

This post is an excerpt from the e-book, Listen: 5 Social Audiences Brands Can't Afford to Ignore. Digital marketing success is fueled by creating great content and building a targeted audience, but there’s a third piece missing from that equation—ignition. Your content has no value unless it “moves,” unless people see it, engage with it, and actively share it.

How to Spy on Your Competition & Steal Their Secrets

This post is an excerpt from the e-book, Listen: 5 Social Audiences Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore.  Competition for attention and […]

Listen to Your Customers: Why You Need to Embrace Customer Complaints

Jay Baer explains how to listen to customers and embrace complaints.

Marketing Measurement: Collect Data First, Ask Questions Later

Total marketing measurement is the key to optimizing performance, but brands can’t do it without data. Learn how to collect now so you can improve later.

How to Stop a Nightmare: Listen to Your Customers

Airline brand executives are moving toward a better customer experience. Here's how you can do the same.

LiveRamp and Cision Combine Forces to Better Measure Earned Media Impact

Video: Cision's CEO Kevin Akeroyd discusses the organization’s new partnership with LiveRamp.

Art and Science: The Three Pillars of Storytelling Mapped to Data

The science of data and the art of storytelling shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. In fact, they coexist nicely. Here's how to use both together to improve your storytelling.

Why Brands Must Personalize the PR Experience

What if by personalizing the experience for a specific writer you could increase the conversion rate of your communications efforts?

3 Listening Lessons for Marketers

Insights from today's Forrester Consumer Marketing Conference include three listening lessons from leaders at Adobe, Forrester and Cision.

Why Brands Need to Get Emotional

Brands know that emotions are powerful motivators and an emotional campaign can heavily influence buyer behavior. How are you using sentiment to guide strategy?

Leveraging Tech to Deliver Actionable Intelligence to Executives

We weren't kidding when we said we wanted to move fast! Today, we’ve announced the acquisition of Bulletin Intelligence, a company that distills tens of thousands of sources into a daily, customized, intelligence briefing to inform powerful executives, from multinational corporations to The White House and most major federal agencies and departments.

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