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Google Pledges Huge Investment With Journalism Industry And Plans to Tackle Fake News

Google is tackling fake news. Its latest news initiative is a multi-pronged program to invest in a variety of journalism-related projects.

Why Facebook & Google Can’t Afford to Legitimize Fake News Sources

The concept of “fake news” is anything but novel. In the 1890s, it was called yellow journalism and was a tactic designed by greedy newspaper publishers to sell more newspapers using scandalous (and not necessarily true) headlines.

Jay Baer Asks [VIDEO]: Is Fake News Really a Thing?

In this video, Baer asks and answers the important question — Is Fake News Really a Thing?

How the Associated Press Fights Fake News on Facebook…and Everywhere Else

The AP is working to debunk misinformation on Facebook. Here's how they fight fake news.