Join thousands of organizations of all sizes who use the Cision Media Database to target the right journalist for their news. Cision’s comprehensive list of media contacts is updated daily to help you build meaningful relationships with the journalists that matter to you.

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Key Features

traditional_media_contact_laptopTRADITIONAL MEDIA CONTACTS

Find influencers in print, broadcast and online media

Target the key journalists in your industry, using the pitching methods they prefer. Plus, access recent news coverage on your topic to uncover additional influencers.


Gorkana Premium ProfileSOCIAL MEDIA CONTACTS

Connect with today’s digital influencers

Find the bloggers and tastemakers who shape public opinion online. Learn who’s writing about your topic and use Cision’s Influence Rating and Social Demographics to find the most relevant and influential journalists in your industry.



1680_editorial calendars_v2EDITORIAL CALENDARS

Create a media plan of your ideal placements

Search our editorial calendar and pitchable opportunities database by industry, geography, media type, date range and more. Comprehensive information includes special promotional opportunities, journalists profiles, event registration and everything you need to plan a great campaign.

Once we loaded our content into Cision’s platform it began hitting the big name websites. We immediately saw an increase in all of our metrics. Since we started the Cision content marketing program, referral traffic to our website has increased by 20 percent.
- Daniel Durazo, Director of Communications
I am extremely pleased with Cision’s online media database and monitoring. I selected Cision after carefully considering all options because Cision offered the best quality products and services that fit my needs exactly.
- Jim McKinley, Public Relations Manager
A PR pro's greatest tool. Our AMP3 PR team uses Cision every day to stay in the know and up-to-date on media contacts in all industries and from all over.
- Alyson Roy, Co-Founder, AMP3
Just wanted to let you know that after using Cision for a while we love it. Thank you for helping us make the switch to you guys, it was worth it. The pub value information is much better and is making a big difference in our department.
- Sarah Todd-Evans, Communications Manager
Cision is a wonderful asset to CashNetUSA! We are able to find the right contacts quicker and more efficiently. Our customer service rep is available and helpful any time we have a question. He gets back to us immediately and always checks in with us. The database is constantly growing, helping us expand our outreach efforts and staying up-to-the-minute in media changes.
- Nivene Judeh, Content Marketing Analyst
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