Comms Best Practices

2018 State of The Media Infographic

Allegations of “fake news,” political attacks on “mainstream media” and continually blurring lines between editorial and advertorial have kept the media industry on its toes throughout 2017. Discover what’s trending in 2018.

How to Write Content that Sparks a Conversation

The Biggest Problem With Influencer Marketing — Featuring Jay Baer [Video]

How Instagram Stories Are Changing PR Pitching And Media Coverage

4 Valuable Tips for Marketers to Help Understand Diverse Audiences

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Cision Product News

AI and the Future of Sentiment Analysis in PR

The latest release of Cision Comms Cloud™ delivers improvements to natural language processing for auto-sentiment resulting in smarter, more accurate toning.

Understanding Web Analytics Integrations: How to Maximize PR Strategy With Cision Comms Cloud™

Why it’s Worthwhile to Pay For Media Monitoring

Why Every Company Needs Media Monitoring

What is Media Monitoring and Why Does it Matter?

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Executive Insights

My Interview with Susan Guillory, President of Egg Marketing

I’d like to introduce you to one of our regular contributors on the Cision blog, Susan Guillory. When she’s not writing about communications and PR for us, she’s running Egg Marketing, a content marketing firm that provides blog posts, whitepapers, and web copy for small businesses and technology companies.

Welcome to the Comms Cloud, TrendKite And Business Wire

The Best Way To Prepare For Artificial Intelligence In Public Relations

The 4-Step Plan to Build a Better Ambassador Program

How Privacy Conscious Brands Can Gain an Edge on the Competition

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